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Devops online training in Bangalore

Best DEVOPS ONLINE Training in Bangalore

Devops online training Training

Devops online training in Bangalore

Devops online training Training Syllabus in Bangalore

Devops online training in Bangalore

DevOps Introduction 


 o    Introduction to DevOps


o    What is DevOps and why is it used for?


o    DevOps popularity in the IT market


o    DevOps Engineer Skills


o    DevOps Ecosystem


o    DevOps Delivery pipeline



Git: Version control



Introduction to Version Control

Basics of Git and its usage

Git installation

Commands used in Git

Working with remote repositories


Git, Jenkins, and Maveen: 


Branching and Merging in Git

Git cheat sheet

Git workflows

Introduction to Maven

Introduction to Jenkins

Introduction to CI and Why it is required.

Git, Jenkins, and Maveen


Jenkins for continuous integration 


Jenkins Management

Building delivery pipeline

Adding SlaveNode to Jenkins

Working with Jenkins

Pipeline as a code.

DevOps and Selenium (Continuous testing)



What is Selenium?

Why Selenium is used?

Introduction to Selenium web-driver

Creation of test cases in Selenium webdriver

Introduction to X-path and why it is used

Handling various controls on the web-page

The process to integrate Selenium with Jenkins

Containerization with Docker (continuous deployment)


Challenges associated with shipping and transportation

Introduction to Docker technology

Overview of Containers and Images

Running a simple program in Docker

Container Lifecycle

Base image

Sharing and copying

Docker file

The publishing image on Docker Hub

Working with Containers


Containerization with Docker: Ecosystem and Networking



Overview of Docker Ecosystem

Docker Swarm

Docker Compose

Running Containers

Managing Containers

Docker Networking

Docker Container Networking

Network types


Puppet: Configuration Management



Overview of Puppet

Puppet Installation  and Configuration

Setting up the Puppet master and agent

Puppet Environment

Node Classification

Automation & Reporting

Puppet Classes


Configuration Management using Ansible 


Introduction to Ansible

Ansible installation

Executing ad hoc command

Adhoc roles configuration

Write Playbooks

Containerization using Kubernetes


Kubernetes Cluster Architecture

Overview of  YAML

Exploring your Cluster

Kubernetes dashboard installation

App deploying using the dashboard

Containers and container orchestration.

Continuous monitoring with Nagios 


Continuous monitoring

Nagios installation

Nagios Commands and Notification

Nagios Plugins(NRPE) and Objects


DevOps on Cloud 



Introduction to Cloud and its uses

Why DevOps on Cloud?

Various AWS services

DevOps and AWS.



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